'Cat Woman' robber collared in Manhattan

August 26, 2010 3:50:55 PM PDT
Police call her a cat woman, in a manner of speaking.

They say 28-year old Shanna Spalding is the woman who wore all black, a cat mask, and carried a silver gun holding up stores in Manhattan and Queens for the past year.

Police nabbed her Wednesday right after she approached a SoHo boutique on Greene Street.

Detectives had been following Spalding that very day and tailed her right to the boutique.

Spalding saw the undercover detective on the other side of the street as she attempted to rob the boutique and wove him into her story, investigators said. She said that he had a gun, that he put her up to it, according to police.

It played out as she hid behind a disguise, but this time, it wasn't a cat mask.

"She wore a burka, dark sunglasses, gloves. It was creepy," one witness said.

Certainly a different look for Spalding who, it turns out, is also the front woman for a death metal band.

Divine Infamy lists her as their lead singer under the stage name Purgatory. They also post their music on Facebook and claim to have a gig 2 days from now at a Bay Ridge bar.

Purgatory may well miss that performance. She's set to be arraigned on several robbery charges as well as on charges of menacing and criminal possession of a weapon.