LIPA prepares for power problems from Earl

September 2, 2010 8:45:09 PM PDT
If we get hit with this storm, are we going to lose power? It's a real possibility. But if it happens, the Long Island Power Authority is making sure it's ready to restore it quickly

An army of crews began arriving Thursday night, brought in by LIPA to begin restoring power if it's knocked out by Hurricane Earl.

"To be able to have extra crews on the ground before the storm hits, that gives us a couple of days of a jump on the restoration," LIPA president Kevin Law said.

With crews coming in from 10 states, the farthest away being Michigan, LIPA adds 1300 extra linemen for restoration and an extra 300 tree trimmers.

Daniel Mordekai needs no reminder of losing power. A big reason still sits in his front yard. A giant tree took out power lines in his neighborhood during a vicious storm that roared through Great Neck recently.

"I believe it hit this wire and took out our power for a good four or five days," he said.

While LIPA's tree trimming efforts have been stepped up, Daniel can't help but wonder about this storm.

"With this storm, we don't know what to expect. I hope it doesn't hurt us too bad," he said.

Out east though, in communities where trees are much less of a concern there is another type of threat.

"Flooding that is also going to cause the utility poles to become weakened and more easily fall down," Law said.

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