Strip club remains open despite orders to close

October 6, 2010 2:23:09 PM PDT
A building inspector papered the Long Island Café Wednesday with bright yellow signs, prohibiting even its owners from entering.

"Today is a great day for the town of Babylon, and for this community," said Steve Bellone, the West Babylon Town Supervisor.

Town leaders declared victory after a long and nasty fight.

"This is one of the most lopsided decisions that a court could possibly render, and it was in the favor of the Town of Babylon and this community," Bellone said.

In a recent ruling, a federal judge sided with the town which has been trying to get rid of the strip club for years.

It sits on the corner of Sunrise Highway and Hubbard's Path, at the gateway to a residential neighborhood.

A school bus drops off children steps from the club's front door.

"It is not a place that enhances safety for women and children and there are bus stops that are over here, so the two don't go together," said Roseanne Frasson, a Babylon resident.

Years ago the club's owner signed an agreement, pledging to find other property by the end of 2009, but he never followed through.

He told Eyewitness News it's because he's being unfairly targeted.

He claims other nearby topless bars are getting a free pass.

As his lawyers appeal the judge's decision, the town says it won't wait one more day.

"It doesn't belong here, they have refused to get the message, and today the message is loud and clear," Bellone said.

A message delivered, but not heeded.

Defiant club management ripped down the town's condemned signs and threw open their doors, pledging to do business as usual.