Muslim women accuse Ct. roller rink of discrimination

November 25, 2010 3:20:31 PM PST
A fun outing to the roller rink turned into a night of despair for two Muslim women when they were told they could not skate if they wore their headscarves.

"I wear this with pride. I'm proud of it wherever I go," said Marisol Rodriguez-Colon.

Rodriguez-Colon and her sister-in-law went to the rink in Vernon, Connecticut for a niece's birthday party last Sunday. But when they entered, a manager she says pointed to a sign that read "No hats, No headwear, No exceptions.

"This is not headgear. We wear this for religious reasons and they didn't want to hear that," adds Rodriguez-Colon.

Colon says the manager gave them two options, either wear a helmet or take off the scarves. That's when they left, missing the party. In the 16 years she's been wearing the traditional Muslim headscarf, she has had the occasional stare, but never she says blatantly discriminated against until now.

" You're singling us out and showing everyone that there's an issue that something is wrong with these two Muslim women," adds Colon.

The rink released a statement saying that their "Policy prohibits headwear to be worn " and that it must ''uphold these rules to provide a safe environment for our customers."

Colon: You are not allowed and you are not welcomed here. That is what that says to me," said Colon.

The Council on American-Islamic relations has now gotten involved and filed a complaint with Connecticut's Human Rights Commission.

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