Queens livery cab driver shot, critically injured

December 4, 2010 4:17:22 PM PST
A livery cab driver is fighting to stay alive as police in Queens try to find the man responsible for nearly taking his life in what's being described as a robbery gone bad.

Trevor Bell was shot multiple times Friday night as he simply tried to do his job.

"My wife and I heard shots, came out, he was shot in the neck," South Ozone Park resident Will Ramones said.

Slumped over the wheel of his livery cab was Trevor Bell, 53, shot several times by a man who had just moments earlier, approached Bell outside Big D's car service on Merrick Boulevard in South Ozone Park for a ride.

"The man asked how much to go to 122nd and Sutter. I told them and they walked away," said Frank Favors owner of Big D's Car Service.

That ride nearly cost Bell his life. When he got to 122nd Street and Sutter, police say his passenger fired on Bell several times, stole a small amount of cash, and ran off.

"The person who did this is an animal. The person who did this should spend the rest of his life in prison," the President of the NY Federation of Taxi Drivers Fernando Mateo said.

Luckily, Will Ramones and his wife, who live on the street, heard the shots, came to Bell's aide and then like a miracle, Will noticed an ambulance down the block, the crew was on break.

"I went to them, I said, didn't you hear the shots? They said no. I said a man just got shot and needs help, and so they came," Ramones said.

Bell had been working overtime to make extra money for the holidays.

Bell has undergone at least 2 surgeries so far; he was shot in the neck, legs, and hand and is in critical condition at Jamaica Hospital.

The gunman remains at large.

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