Wheelchair delivered to homebound man

December 13, 2010 2:48:23 PM PST
A young disabled man was virtually trapped in his apartment for nearly a year after his motorized wheelchair was destroyed.

Eyewitness News broke through the bureaucratic red tape and Monday, a brand new wheelchair arrived.

"I'm so excited," Gary Coleman said.

22-year-old Coleman of East New York could hardly contain his excitement when he saw his brand new customized motorized wheelchair.

Gary was born with cerebral palsy but never let his disability hold him back, that is until last year when he was hit by a car and his wheelchair was destroyed.

He sat idle and despondent for more than 12 months.

He was even forced to drop his college classes because of bureaucratic delays by the insurance company in replacing the chair.

"It was like my legs," Coleman said.

Eyewitness News got involved and the insurance company released a check immediately to build a brand new $18,000 chair.

RehabCo, a Bronx firm, rushed the order, and the owner came out personally to deliver the chair to Gary.

Gary will be headed back to college in March; he wants to be a pediatrician.

It's good to remember the blessings; sometimes we often forget the important ones.

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