Livery driver arrested after fighting off serial stabber

February 15, 2011 8:26:07 PM PST
A livery cab driver was arrested for a 10-year-old ticket after he was injured while fighting off the accused serial stabber.

Fitz Fullerton has more than 30 stitches in his face, neck and hand after a harrowing encounter with accused multiple-murderer Maksim Gelman.

"I believe I am lucky. God was on my side," Fullerton said.

The 55-year-old livery driver told Eyewitness News that Gelman jumped into his car early Saturday morning in Brooklyn, pressed a knife to his neck and ordered him to "drive!" Fullerton grabbed the knife, by the blade, and a life-saving struggle ensued.

"I just took it off the neck and turn around and started wrestling him, started wrestling. I couldn't even think about a cut. I just started wrestling with the knife," Fullerton said.

After his attacker fled, Fullerton called 911.

Responding police rushed him to Brookdale Hospital where he says cops questioned him, not about Gelman or the attack, but about a ticket he received 10 years ago.

Then, cops cuffed and shackled him to his bed.

"I wasn't looking to get that treatment. I thought the police would be on my side. I didn't believe they would be against me," Fullerton said.

The NYPD acknowledged Tuesday night that the outstanding warrant against Fullerton was vacated.

But, police say the arresting officers followed procedure by securing him at the hospital.

Fullerton's attorney has a different outlook.

"Instead of focusing on this mass murderer, they focused on poor Mr. Fullerton who's done absolutely nothing wrong except for fight off this person," said Earl Ward, Fullerton's attorney.

Fullerton says he's thankful to be alive, but he adds, his cuts will heal long before his faith in the police is restored.