Chilling Brooklyn attack caught on tape

April 22, 2011 2:07:11 PM PDT
An attack in Park Slope, Brooklyn was all caught on tape, and the screams from the victim alerted neighbors to come and help.

Before you can see the two people on video released by police, you can hear the woman's scream.

Chilling, helpless screams of an attack, already underway.

The victim continues to try and fight off the alleged sexual predator, who tried to muffle her screams.

The attack ends when the victim escapes, and the suspect pulls up his pant and takes off.

"I look out the window and see two people struggling on the street, and started screaming out the window," said Donald Harrington.

The owner of the house eventually came running outside to help the victim.

"I walk up and down this street dressed up in heels all the time after dark," said Isabelle Fortuna.

The suspect took off and police continue to search.