Man arrested for kicking, whipping puppy

May 23, 2011 8:15:29 PM PDT
Police have arrested an East Harlem man after he allegedly kicked and beat a year old dog

Irving Sanchez was caught on camera as he rode the elevator with the year old pit bull mix at the Wagner Houses in East Harlem.

On the video, you can see Sanchez whipping the dog against the wall and striking him repeatedly with the leash.

The dog in turn cowers. If Sanchez thought no one was watching, he didn't count on a camera rolling in the elevator.

Police arrested Sanchezs on animal cruelty charges.

His wife told Eyewitness News that she is disabled and Max is her service dog. She says the accusations are completely inconsistent with the gentle and kind husband she knows.

She said her husband walks Max, feeds Max and even let's max sleep in their bed.

The dog has been taken to an animal care and control facility nearby.