Heavy rain causes flooding in Hoboken

August 9, 2011 7:39:03 PM PDT
The water came up very quickly in Hoboken Tuesday evening, fortunately, it receded quite a bit by nightfall, but there are still some street closures.

Almost a foot of water flooded the intersection of First and Harrison in Hoboken.

The torrential rains Tuesday afternoon coincided with high tide.

Now, there's a smelly mixture of rainwater and sewage in the street and on the sidewalk on the west end of Hoboken.

"It looked like Venice, like water in the streets, not what we expected coming from Alabama," said Diane Carson, a tourist.

The city blocked some streets off as the dirty water crept up toward some residents' front doors.

"You don't expect it's going to take two hours to get somewhere instead of an hour, the roads are blocked and in some cases partially flooded so it screws up your commute," said Steve Snyder, a Hoboken resident.

Brian Nitzberg saved his motorcycle just in time.

"Water sitting on the engine is not good for it," Nitzberg said.

The Figure 8 Gym on Ninth and Monroe was flooded too.

Hoboken's mayor is warning residents to steer clear of the water; it's dirty and murky so you can't see what you're stepping on.

"We had a firefighter last year pulled into a manhole and that's my biggest fear," Hoboken Mayor Dawn Zimmer said.

There were no injuries or major damage from the flooding.

There's free parking at the municipal garage at Second and Hudson.