Texting while sleeping

September 2, 2011 1:50:03 PM PDT
Most of us are familiar with the term sleep walking, but what about texting while sleeping?

There's actually a growing community of people who say they're experiencing this phenomenon.

"Sometimes I look at my phone and I'm like did I text that while asleep? I'm not really sure," said Christopher Heath.

Some say sleep texting is a sign of these technologically advanced times.

At least according to the thousands of members belonging to the sleep texting Facebook page.

"I have to look full conversations while I'm asleep but I don't remember any of them.

People are capable of performing complex activities during certain phases of sleep.

The texting could also occur during a quick period of wakefulness that you can't remember the next day.

Like when you turn off the alarm clock, fall back asleep and forget the whole thing.

The risk of sleep texting may be higher if you take sleep medications like Ambien, where the package insert actually warns of complex behaviors such as sleep driving.

And sleep texting may be a sign of a sleep disorder but in most cases the biggest consequence is what happens the next morning when you have to answer for what you typed.

The number one solution is to keep the phone off and away from your bed, which may be easier said than done for most teenagers that sleep with their phones.