The gastronauts eating club

October 6, 2011 2:49:11 PM PDT
His love to eat and going to the deep end of the menu is why Curtiss Calleo and a friend started an eating club.

The club meets and eats every month, consuming foods the masses may shun. They call themselves gastronauts.

They've gone to Thakali Kitchen in Queens for mustang cuisine, also known as Tivertan and Napali cooking. There, Chef Charmila cooks up plenty of goat and stews - made of goat liver, heart and kidneys. And the group loves it along with water buffalo chow mein and Lepukhu - made of goat tongue, ears and brains.

They say it is always fun to watch the chef realize this is the group that is going to eat the stuff he has not been able to cook because he just does not have the audience for it, but the group gets pleasure in odd foods.

They believe is you are going to eat one animal, why not eat them all.

Past dinners have included beaver tail, horse meat, snake and turtle. But what's the strangest thing?

Once they've eaten it, the gastronauts do not really consider anything strange.