NJ school being soundproofed from Teterboro airplane noise

November 14, 2011 1:43:23 PM PST
Millions of dollars in funding allocated today for a high school in New Jersey but the money isn't for teachers or school supplies ? instead it's for sound proofing.

Becton High School is one mile away from Teterboro Airport and ten miles away from Newark Liberty. That adds up to dozens of planes passing overhead every school day.

Congressman Steve Rothman can't even explain the noise problem at Becton High School without being drowned out by the sound of a plane passing by.

"The local school boards decided they wanted to reduce the noise," he said.

Becton High School, which serves students from East Rutherford and Carlsdadt, will get $18 million to soundproof the school.

Adding new windows and air conditioning is expected to muffle the roar of the planes.

"It breaks the concentration of the class, the teachers can't talk and it happens at least once every class," says Kyle Torres.

Experts measured the decibel level when a plane passes by, and it's 90 decibels which is about the same as standing next to a lawn mower.

Fixing the school should bring the level down to 50 decibels, about the same as a normal conversation.

The work is expected to take two or three years. Backers of the plan say the money for the project is from airport improvement fees, which are included in the cost of a plane ticket.

The project will also create 100-150 new jobs