Benefit held for LI boy with rare disorder

December 4, 2011 4:57:18 PM PST
On Long Island, a community has come together to help a young boy with a rare disorder.

A benefit was held in Freeport Sunday to raise money for Bobby Nawrath, 6.

The Bethpage child suffers from Treacher-Collins syndrome.

It's a genetic disorder that left him without ears or cheekbones and an undersized lower jaw.

The medical expenses have piled up and his parents can't manage it alone.

"Bobby's come along way. He's had about 15 surgeries and plenty more to come," Bobby's mother Kelly Nawrath said.

"Bobby is an amazing kid. He's taught me a lot about myself, he's taught me a lot about life and he's one of the bravest people I know. He's a great kid," Bobby's father James Nawrath said.

The money raised will help pay for Bobby's future treatment, which could include up to 20 more surgeries over the next several years.