'Smush' ice cream deli style sandwiches

September 21, 2012 2:44:01 PM PDT
"Smush" outside Bryant Park in Manhattan makes ice cream sandwiches like you've never had before.

"We make ice cream sandwiches," the owner said.

That's an understatement.

At "Smush" the ice cream sandwiches are custom made just like at a deli.

But, instead of bread you choose cookies which happened to be shaped like slices of bread.

Then you get your cheese and its homemade and its fudge.

The ice cream is of course the meat.

Instead of pickles, it's crushed potato chips or fruit.

Smush it down, slice it in half, and there's your deli sandwich.

Brett Lavendar and Andrew Michaels merged their love of ice cream and events to come up with this concept.

It's a pop up on 40th Street across from Bryant Park and it gets jammed.

One option starts with French toast flavored cookies, caramel vanilla ice cream, strawberry cream fudge, strawberry slices and pretzels, all in one ice cream sandwich.

So take it to go or grab a seat on the indoor stoop to enjoy your "Smush".

Online: http://www.gotsmush.com/about.html

Featured Smush Sandwich Recipe: french toast flavored cookies
caramel on the cookies
vanilla ice cream in between
a slice of strawberry cream fudge
fresh strawberry slices
crunched up pretzels

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