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Pocketknives on planes

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March 5, 2013 1:31:18 PM PST
I'll be the first to moan and groan about the long security lines at the airport. Yes, some of it is incompetence on the part of some TSA workers. But the basic notion isn't a bad one - make sure that we're secure from terrorists on airplanes.

Anyone who was alive on 9/11 knows that's not a bad goal. Which is why so many people are scratching their heads tonight with the TSA's decision to now allow passengers to carry on small pocketknives on board - with blades no longer than 2.4 inches, big enough to do some serious damage. They'll also be allowed to bring on board golf clubs, hockey sticks and those plastic Wiffle Ball bats.

Oh - but we're still not allowed to bring on board more than 3 ounces of shampoo. Shut the front door! What are they thinking?

Want to know who's ticked off about it? The Flight Attendants Union Coalition, that's who. The organization repping nearly 90,000 flight attendants calls the decision to allow knives back into the cabin for the first time in more than 11 years is "a poor and shortsighted decision... continued prohibition of these items is an integral layer in making our aviation system secure and must remain in place. As the last line of defense in the cabin and key aviation partners, we believe that these proposed changes will further endanger the lives of all Flight Attendants and the passengers we work so hard to keep safe and secure."

To quote Bo Peep from Toy Story, "I found my movin' buddy."

Rational thinking from the flight attendants. So what's your take? We'd love to hear from you. And we'll have the latest, tonight at 11.

Also at 11, Meteorologist Lee Goldberg is tracking yet another winter storm - a pair of systems combining, and that will make for a miserable three days between Wednesday and Friday. Lots of wind, snow for most of us, and rain. Yuck I think is the official terminology.

We're also following the deadly hit and run of the couple in Brooklyn, rushing to the hospital. The woman was 7 months pregnant; the baby was saved, but only lasted a day before he too died. Now, 44-year-old Julio Acevedo, in prison for more than a decade for manslaughter, is on the run, but talking to our investigative reporter Sarah Wallace about why he's scared about turning himself in. Jim Dolan picks up the story for us tonight at 11.

We'll also have any breaking news of the night, plus Laura Behnke (in for Rob Powers) with the night's sports. I hope you can join Sade Baderinwa and me, tonight at 11.


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