Snowfall heavy at times on Long Island

March 8, 2013 3:09:28 PM PST
More snow is just what people living on Long Island didn't want to see, particularly in Suffolk County, where snow piles remain after last month's blizzard.

With that and Superstorm Sandy still on many residents' minds, Mother Nature was not cooperating.

Snowfall was heavy at times across the island Friday, with plows and salt trucks on the roads to keep driving conditions as safe as possible.

Still, slick spots remained, particularly on secondary and tertiary streets.

Several car accidents were reported, including one in Sound Beach in which a car skidded into a utility pole. The car was totaled, but thankfully the driver was okay.

A couple of inches accumulated on most lawns and unpaved roads, but for the most part, the main roads were relatively clear. Drivers were urged to use caution, and to take extra time to completely clear the car of snow before hitting the roads.

The snow accumulations were a change from Thursday, when wind and minor street flooding were the biggest issue.

The surf had been angry and the tides high, but not high enough to do any damage. The focus changed Friday, when the heavy snow began falling.

The snow is expected to end by early afternoon, with off-and-on rain present throughout the day before a nice weekend.