$10,000 reward offered for missing French Bulldog

Byby Katie Utehs KGO logo
Thursday, August 11, 2016
$10,000 reward offered for missing French Bulldog
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A North Bay woman is offering a $10,000 reward to anyone who returns her missing French Bulldog named Sassy Pants.

NOVATO, Calif. -- A North Bay woman is offering a $10,000 reward to anyone who returns her missing French Bulldog.

"She's a diva, she's very demanding, she gets treated unbelievably well," Kelly Kinnard said.

The pampered pooch is worth every penny of a $10,000 reward says her owner, Kinnard.

"I just want her back and to me $10,000, to me she's priceless," Kinnard said.

Sassy Pants' dog walker let the French Bulldog play near Deborah Court and Highland Drive in Novato in late June.

Sassy Pants' leash dangled behind her as she ran off into a field. There's a lot to get tangled in, but her owner insists she's still alive.

"I've used a pet psychic, the leading pet psychic, to try to figure out where she is or what might have happened. She thinks she was stolen and she's alive and being kept by someone," Kinnard said.

"Unusual, but I guess hey whatever works. If it makes her feel comfortable," Novato resident Phil Beauboas said.

"I've called 60 vets, I talked to the Marin Humane society regularly," Kinnard said.

She searches Craigslist, puts up flyers, searches various missing pet websites and produced a video to help find her dog.

Sassy Pants is microchipped, but someone has to turn her in for it to be scanned.

"It's sad when somebody loses a dog, it's like a family member," Beauboas said.

"I don't have kids and this dog is my child. I just love this dog and people have said to me you could go by 12, 15 new dogs for $10,000, but this is my dog," Kinnard said.

If you have information about Sassy Pants' whereabouts, email Kinnard at findsassypants@yahoo.com.