Fodor's makes 'Guide to Brooklyn'

NEW YORK (WABC) -- They call it New York City's hottest borough and now there's another sign that it might be true.

Fodor's, the world's largest tourist guide, is now selling "Fodor's Guide to Brooklyn".

"There are very few places in the city where you can see the Empire State Building, the Chrysler Building from one place and it's especially marvelous at sunset," said Arabella Bowen, editor of Fodor's Guide to Brooklyn.

You'll find Arabella Bowen gushing about a lot of Brooklyn spots like Transmitter Park in Greenpoint.

After all, she's the editor of the brand new "Fodor's Guide to Brooklyn".

"We have a New York City guide which we update every year and this is the first time we've ever done a book that's just for a borough of New York City," Bowen said.

Yep, not even Manhattan has its own book.

"The power of Brooklyn extends well beyond New York City and the borough itself and that's part of the reason we decided to do a guide book to it, and the other reason is Manhattanites don't even really know what's going on in Brooklyn," Bowen said.

This guide paves the way, featuring some of the more obvious spots like "Bam," the oldest performing arts venue in the country located in Fort Greene.

Less obvious is "The Morbid Anatomy Museum" in Gowanus.

For the more timid, "Royal Palms Shuffle Board Club" is not too far.

"It's really kind classic Brooklyn, a little bit kitsch, a little bit rock and roll, people love to go for the creative margaritas, they also have food trucks that stop by," Bowen said.

For shopping there's "By Brooklyn", everything sold there is made in the borough.

You can head to "Devocion" for coffee in Williamsburg.

The beans are roasted on site within 10 days of being picked in Colombia.

Talk about farm to cup!

"With amazing pour overs, it's really about sitting down, enjoying life, and the taste of coffee," Bowen said.

That gives you a jolt to keep on touring.

"You can spend all year coming out to Brooklyn and still not be able to see every corner of it," Bowen said.

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