Norwalk bakery rocked by 3 underground manhole explosions

NORWALK, Conn. (WABC) --
Manhole explosions rocked a Connecticut bakery Tuesday morning, with windows blown out by the power of the underground blasts.

It happened near the corner of Wall and Main Streets in Norwalk.

Two people suffered minor injuries, but declined to go to the hospital.

The manholes were dislodged, and Norwalk police and firefighters are on the scene to determine the cause of the blasts.

Utility crews have also been called in.

"It was frightening. It was a normal morning with our customers sitting along the window when we smelled some kind of burning sensation, and before we knew it, it was like a bomb went off," said bakery owner Dominic Muro. "It was terrible. A car on top of the manhole blew about four feet off the ground."

Main Street was closed between Cross Street and Wall Street while repairs continue.

Connecticut Light and Power says power was cut to about 600 customers but has now been restored.

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