Best buys for March

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Monday, February 29, 2016
7 On Your Side: Best buys of March
Nina Pineda has March's best buys as we finally head into spring

NEW YORK (WABC) -- What to buy:

Travel: Airfares are at levels not seen in 6 years.

Anything left over from Valentine's Day: That means chocolates and jewelry could be deeply discounted.

Winter items: That means snow-blowers, generators and heaters will be at the cheapest prices in a generation. Also look for discounted winter apparel.

Bonus tip: For kids, buy coats a size up - that way they can use it next year and you get a bargain.

Last model phones: The mobile world congress just ended and that's a huge mobile industry convention where they introduce a lot of new flagship phones. Previous generation models will go on sale.

What NOT to buy:

Lingerie: Victoria's Secret big sale in two months away. That's when retailers compete to see who takes off the most discounts. Wait till June's semi-annual sale.

Tools: June is also a better time to buy tools. You'll find better deals in June around Father's day.

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