Dronecam 7 takes flight over Jones Beach

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Tim Fleischer reports from Jones Beach. (WABC)

Eyewitness News is always exploring new ways of bringing you the news through television, the internet and social media and now from above through the technology of drones.

Drones, equipped with a high definition camera, are entering the news gathering arena, and now for the first time being used by Eyewitness News.

"This is a little bit easier. It's a little bit smaller that the copters we fly for big Hollywood productions. And it's easier to get into the air. It's a lot quicker set up," Jon Ollwerther, Vice President of Marketing and Operations at Aerocine, said.

With new federal aviation regulations in place, Eyewitness News has contracted with Aerocine, an FAA-approved aerial robotics company based in Brooklyn. Ollwerther says the company specializes in flying and even building drones.

"The safety of the people in the air and the safety of people on the ground - That's what we are worried about. That's how we control our environment is with safety in mind," he said.

Dronecam7 can fly up to 200 feet above ground level as it was above Jones Beach landmarks. It's operated by licensed private pilot Kevan Stone who has flown drones for a military contractor.

"Scan around to the construction guys and then i'll bring it back toward us," kevan stone .

Alongside is Suresh Kumar who is operating the camera on a separate controller.

Dronecam7 could be used during breaking news stories, where sometimes accessibility and safety is a concern. The FAA has restrictions where and how the drones can be used.

"It is still a closed set environment. However, we are able to capture some of the images you are looking for," Ollwerther said.

So look for more of Dronecam7 on Eyewitness News in the days and weeks ahead!
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