Dramatic rescue: Good Samaritan uses tow truck to save worker in New Jersey

SADDLE BROOK (WABC) -- Good Samaritans were struggling to save a Department of Transportation worker who was pinned under a car, but it was a quick thinking tow truck driver who saved the worker's life in an amazing rescue.

The worker had been struck on Interstate 80 in Saddle Brook, New Jersey Wednesday morning.

Richard Growe Jr. says it was God's will that he was in the right place at the right time to help save the life of the injured DOT worker.

The accident happened near mile marker 62 on Route 80. The victim was pinned underneath a car and Good Samaritans were struggling to rescue him.

That's when Richard pulled up and put his tow truck into action.

"We needed to get this guy out from under the car because the pressure of the vehicle was on his chest, on his body, he wasn't able to breathe good," said Growe.

Using the stinger portion of the tow truck, Growe lifted the vehicle off the victim being crushed underneath.

"So we were able to lift the car up and pull the guy right out," he said.

Moments after getting the car off of the badly injured DOT worker, police and emergency medical technicians went to work.

"My heart was going 200 miles an hour, I was just worried about getting this guy out from underneath the car," said Growe.

Growe knows anytime he works on the road, there is always an element of danger because motorists can be careless. His close encounter and quick action proved to be the difference between hope and tragedy.

"You know, if all these other guys weren't there to help out, who knows by the time the State Police and all them got there, what could have happened to this guy," said Growe.

The wife of the DOT worker sent Growe a Facebook post, saying "Thank you so much Richard Growe Jr, if it wasn't for you we don't know what would have happened, and we don't know how to truly repay you for what you've done for our family."

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