Anne Heche death: No drugs active in late actress' body, according to LA County coroner's report

Actress Anne Heche died after fiery car crash

Wednesday, December 7, 2022
No drugs active in late actress Anne Heche's body: coroner's report
How did Anne Heche die? The late actress died after a fiery car crash. A coroner's report now says she didn't have any active drugs in her system.

LOS ANGELES -- Anne Heche did not have active drugs in her system at the time of her death.

That's according to a report from a Los Angeles County medical examiner, KCAL reported.

The report said certain drugs were found in her body, but they weren't active at the time of the incident.

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This means they were drugs taken at some point in her life, not necessarily recently.

The actress died in an Aug. 5 car crash.

Her death was ruled an accident.

The coroner cited inhalation and thermal injuries as the cause of death.