Swine flu infects travel plans to Mexico

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April 27, 2009 6:08:23 PM PDT
If you have a trip planned to Mexico anytime soon, you're probably asking yourself the questions: is it safe? And should I be changing my plans? Well, some of the biggest airlines are changing their policies offering to waive if you do want to postpone your flight and others may follow suit. As word of the swine flu hit the newsstands, travelers we talked to had more questions than answers. In the last 24 hours, Delta, Continental, US Airways, American, United, Mexicana and JetBlue all waived fees for passengers who want to cancel or postpone their flights to Mexico.

Each carrier limits this offer to travel in the next week or two.

"You should act fast because they're only going to have these offers for a few days to change their mind," said Budgettravel.com's Senior Editor, Sean O'Neill.

Some airlines, like Mexicana Airlines allows changes for travel booked until April 30th. Others, like US Airways and JetBlue allow for changes to travel scheduled as late as May 8th. But, like everything else, that's subject to change.

Right now no flights to Mexico have been canceled but the U.S. State Department says it will be issuing travel alerts asking travelers to avoid all non essential travel.

"The U.S. Centers for Disease Control are going to the airport and handing out little yellow cards telling travellers what kind of information they should look out for for what kinds of symptoms to look for. How to determine whether you need to get help or not," said the travel expert.

Depending on how this disease develops, there might be more changes in the travel industry and your ability to make travel changes. But just to put things in perspective, we interviewed a senior editor at BudgetTravel.com and not the editor in chief because she is in Acapulco this week.



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