7 line extension an alternative to Hudson tunnel?

November 17, 2010 3:21:49 PM PST
The rail tunnel project under the Hudson River that was killed by New Jersey Governor Chris Christie could be staging a comeback.

The Bloomberg administration is looking at a plan to extend the No. 7 subway line from Times Square to Hoboken and then on to Secaucus.

New Jersey commuters say they pack themselves onto crowded trains, so many of them are hoping that the No. 7 train is on the way.

But riders shouldn't get their hopes up, at least not just yet. The subway extension plan is in its earliest thinking stages. More trains, more tracks and more seats are a long way off, but...

"If it cost what the subway costs, I would definitely consider it," one commuter said.

The proposed extension would link the Lautenberg Train Station in Secaucus to all of the city's subway lines, including Penn Station and Grand Central Terminal.

It would be the first time the subway system would extend beyond the city limits.

And it could be done for half the cost of the original plan. That's because the No. 7 line tunnel already extends to the Manhattan waterfront.

"The 7 line in Manhattan is good," one straphanger said. "And if they can extend it, I think, as long as the logistics are fine and it will help quantitatively, it sounds like a start, because we need another tunnel."

City officials say extending the No. 7 line would shave billions of dollars off the cost of the original proposed tunnel.

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