Shop sells worldwide gourmet salt

February 16, 2011 3:04:47 PM PST
There are collectors of artwork and baseball memorabilia but Mark Bitterman is interested in something quite different. He is a collector of salt from around the globe and has now opened a store with his wife in New York City where everyone can have a taste.

The Meadow, located on Hudson Street has the largest selection of salt in the world ranging from places like Hawaii all the way to Africa. The selection does not include ordinary table salt but instead there is lemon flake, jurassic, and black diamond varieties.

Bitterman feels strongly about salt and has written a book that explains how to choose the right kind to enhance the flavor of specific foods. There is one from Cyprus that you can "sprinkle on baked potatoes or gnocchi," says Mark.

The shop owner has a few suggestions for the Mayor as well. "Maybe he should try some plum salt or smoked salt," he says. The smoked salt resembles a bbq in a jar and salt balls from a lake in East Africa can easily be mistaken for miniature snowballs.

Mark's store allows customers to get creative with the kind of salt that they consume. He recommends that if you have an idea of what you want, you will get fantastic results. Among the gourmet salt, The Meadow also sells flowers, chocolate, and bitters.