Bipolar II disorder

April 14, 2011 2:57:28 PM PDT
Catherine Zeta-Jones publicist says the actress is "feeling great" after a brief stay in a mental health facility to treat bipolar disorder.

By getting five days of treatment and coming forward, the actress shined a light on bipolar II, which until now few people wanted to talk about.

"A story like this save lives. People die from it," Wendy Brennan said.

Brennan is Executive Director at National Alliance on Mental Illness (or NAMI), which helps people nationwide to manage mental illness.

Adria Allison is 41 years old and has exactly what doctors have been treating Zeta Jones for, but Adria was diagnosed 10 years ago. She says the right medication and support have meant a better life for her.

She says bipolar II hits high achievers, a lot of very smart people and more women than men. Now, with a Hollywood connection, Allison hopes more people will recognize they have a problem, know they are not alone and get help.

To learn more about bipolar II, reach out to NAMI, which is a huge resource for mental health patients and their families in NYC. They have offices all over.

National Alliance on Mental Illness

Phone: 212-684-3264