23-year-old South Orange Mayor sworn-in

May 16, 2011 3:17:08 PM PDT
Monday evening, 23-year-old Alex Torpey will become the Mayor of South Orange.

"I just see energy and potential, and I wanted to be in a leadership position for the residents and the businesses," Mayor-elect Torpey said.

Alex Torpey is 23, making him one of the youngest, if not the youngest mayor in the state, winning by just 14 votes.

Now, villagers are counting on him.

"We owe it to you to help any way we can, call on us," said Joe Dabdaub, a South Orange resident.

South Orange is Alex's hometown.

He owns a web design business, he's a volunteer EMT, and he's social media savvy.

He thanked voters and volunteers for pushing through a win on his Facebook page.

"I think it's good for South Orange, we've had people here before that didn't have the town's best interest in mind," said Raleigh Caesar, a South Orange resident.

He's all about new generation ideas.

"If we can start car sharing, there's still so much done on paper which is not only bad for the environment, I want to see this downtown energized and invigorated," Mayor-elect Torpey said.

Torpey gets sworn in Monday night and right after that he gets right to work presiding over the meeting, trying to figure out how to shore up the villages nearly $2 million deficit.

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