Deadly shootings cap violent weekend in NYC

September 6, 2011 3:06:15 PM PDT
At least 48 people were shot in New York City over the holiday weekend, capped by a deadly shooting in Brooklyn that left two people dead and two police officers wounded.

That shooting stemmed from an argument between two men that quickly turned violent when each man pulled out a gun. It was a raw, bloody finish to a weekend of exceptional violence, with dozens of people shot across the city.

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg and NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly met with wounded Officer Omar Medina at Brookdale Hospital, where he is in stable condition. A second officer, Avichaim Dicken, was grazed by a bullet.

Officer Medina was hit by bullet fragments in his neck and arm. Both officers are expected to make a full recovery. Eyewitnesses and police say that 30 to 50 shots were fired.

The two men did not fare quite as well.

Police Commissioner Ray Kelly said the person who did the shooting remained in very critical condition at Kings County Hospital despite earlier reports that he had died. The second man was killed, Kelly said.

The incident started after 9 p.m., when Randy Johnson got into a hallway fight with Leroy Webster. Police say it escalated with Webster shooting Johnson.

"Johnson was struck in the neck, and he ran a half block west to the Franklin Avenue shuttle, where he collapsed on the sidewalk," Kelly said.

A bystander, Denise Gay, was also shot while sitting outside her house.

"She died immediately, with her daughter standing or sitting right next to her," Bloomberg said.

Denise Gay took in her niece, Tashmaya Gay, and raised her as her own child.

Police say they were on the stoop together, as they always did, when the only mother she's even known was shot and killed before her eyes.

Bloomberg said Gay's death was "a senseless murder, and another painful reminder I think of what happens when elected officials in Washington fail to take the problem of illegal guns seriously."

Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly said the gunman who killed Gay had an extensive criminal history, including criminal possession of a firearm and assault and drug charges.

"This is a national problem requiring national leadership," Bloomberg said, "but at the moment neither end of Pennsylvania Avenue has had the courage to take basic steps that would save lives."

Earlier, police responded to two nearby shootings along Eastern Parkway during the West Indian Day parade. A total of three people were wounded in those incidents.

The hours-long parade was also was marred by fatal shootings in 2003 and 2005. Post-parade parties are common, but police wouldn't say if Monday's fatal shooting was related to the parade.