Bloomberg wants to extend 7 line to NJ

October 26, 2011 3:08:01 PM PDT
A new tunnel under the Hudson River is once again back on the drawing board.

Mayor Bloomberg now says the economics make sense to extend the number 7 subway train west to New Jersey under the river and to Secaucus.

The project would cost about $10 billion.

The number 7 train to New Jersey, it has a nice ring to it, but it is something we've heard before.

This time, Mayor Bloomberg spent $250,000 to commission a study looking into the idea of extending the 7 line to the garden state.

It is a viable alternative to the proposed arc rail tunnel that Governor Christie killed, saying New Jersey was going to have to foot most the bill.

This time it seems the coast would be shared by New York, New Jersey, and the Port Authority.

It's a much better idea says State Senator Joe Pennacchio.

"This makes a lot more sense than the arc tunnel. So it seems that might have been $250,000 well spent," State Senator Pennacchio said.

Also different this time, Governor Christie isn't saying no, yet.

In a statement sent to Eyewitness News, his press secretary says: "We will continue to explore the No. 7 subway plan, its feasibility, benefits and costs with the city and state of New York and the appropriate government agencies in both states."

Senator Pennacchio has his fingers crossed.

He thinks it's a win win.

"Take the car to Secaucus instead of giving them $12 for the pleasure of using one of the crossings. I don't know what the subway is but I'm sure it's less than that. Certainly this is something that I would consider doing," Sen. Pennacchio said.

Commuters Eyewitness News spoke with in Secaucus agreed.

"I think it's great. More ways to get in, and quicker," said Tim Kress-Spatz, a commuter.

"Better for me and a good use of taxpayer money," said Chris McGowan, a commuter.