7 Things to know: To fight your water bill


1. If you think your utility bill is incorrect the utility company is obligated to thoroughly investigate the matter and report the results to you.

2. Dispute your bill first with the water utility by calling the number on your bill.

3. If your bill is much higher than normal, have a licensed plumber check your home for leaks and document the findings.

4. If you are not satisfied with the actions taken by the utility to remedy the situation, contact the NJ Board of Public Utility's Division of Customer Assistance.

5. If you think your meter is registering incorrectly you can request the water company test it. Every customer is entitled to a FREE test of their water or gas meter each year. If you'd like that test to be witnessed by the state's regulatory agency, the NJ Board of Public Utilities, you can request that. The cost is an extra $5.

6. Customers can also request the meter test be conducted by the NJ Board of Public Utilities and have the test witnessed by a third party.

7. While a bill is in dispute, the customer is not obligated to pay it. The customer is, however, obligated to pay charges, not in dispute.


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