Texting service for expecting moms

May 31, 2013 2:28:58 PM PDT
There are many pregnant women who don't get enough prenatal care, and women who just want to be on top of their pregnancy at all times.

Now that it's estimated by one source that 86% of women carry a cell phone all the time, a service called text for baby is a constant reminder about a healthy pregnancy.

An OB-GYN waiting room conversation for 31-year-old Sheshaan Davis, who's in her third trimester of pregnancy.

She's interrupted by a text message. No, not mom checking in. Sheshaan is getting a text for baby, information about prenatal care, baby health, parenting and questions for the doctor.

"It's very easy cause your always on your cell phone, everyone can get it and it's been helpful to me," she said.

Text4Baby is a nationwide program that works with state and local health departments, corporations and the CDC. Women can sign up simply by sending a text message. It's especially helpful for women from low income neighborhoods where healthcare access may be spotty.

Women get three texts per week with expert health tips timed to their due date. The service continues until the child is a year old.

In the digital age, info is not just on the phone, there's a website that women can go to as well.

It's a place to get more details on the topic of any particular text message.

The information in the texts is available in English and Spanish. Information includes signs of labor, baby's stages of growth, and breastfeeding.

LINK: www.text4baby.org
Or call (718) 345-5000.