New web site connects parents with classes for kids

June 19, 2013 7:12:12 PM PDT
As a parent, it can be overwhelming trying to figure out the kind of classes or activities to get your children involved in.

There are so many different choices, but now there's a place where you can for for one-stop shopping to get classes where and when you want them.

At the Wee Ones, little boys and girls start learning about music and movement.

Kara Turrisi has offered classes for kids for 9 years. And lately, she's seeing some new families who've come to her via a new website started by Lauren Pohl.

Lauren was on maternity leave when she realized how difficult it was to find the right class at the right time.

"I said why is it that there's no centralized web site where a parent can search quickly by the criteria that matter: price, age, location, schedule, then see what's available, read reviews, and enroll," she said.

So she created Kidz Central Station, a web site that's smart phone friendly.

Simply go on line, choose a class based on your child's age, activity level, time, location and price.

'You can find free classes, you can find drop-ins for as low as $15, and you can also find semester classes that are 17 weeks and more than $500," said Pohl.

It's been a boon, especially for small business owners.

"It helps me focus on what we love doing, which is focusing on the children, keeping families happy and not dealing with the backend of pulling people,"said Turrisi.

And parents like the convenience of Kidz Central Station.

"If it's rainy and you just want to see what's going on based on that day, it's great that you can filter to look at that, and it's also good for his age group so I can see what classes he can fit in. It just makes it easy as moms are busy."said parent Stephanie Barnhart.

"Being a new mother you need to be educated, so there are a number of classes I didn't know about it and this really helped me out,"said parent Lauren Bergner.

So when the living room floor or park just won't do, there's an easy and free way to find an alternative.

"We get amazing feedback, both from providers who say thank you for connecting us to parents, and also from parents who say we had no idea these classes were out there, we've only heard about things through word of mouth and now we learning about so much more," said Pohl.