Bobcat spotted in Brewster

July 11, 2013 2:34:28 PM PDT
An adult bobcat was spotted roaming near homes in Brewster in Putnam County.

It was around 6 O'clock one evening last week when something caught Bill Wuchter's eye, and it was something unusual indeed.

There lazing on his front lawn was a bobcat.

Wuchter's daughter was able to snap a few pictures from the garage.

Wuchter's house is surrounded by woods and in 25 years he's seen plenty of wildlife, from coyotes to deer and turkeys.

There have been so many turkeys in fact the Department of Environmental Conservation trapped and tagged 47 in one morning, but this was a first.

It's estimated there are thousands of bobcats in the area, so they're not exactly rare. Experts say there are some things you should keep in mind if you see one.

"You have to be careful, they're not afraid of your dog or your cat. As many reports as we get of this, they are taken away, because of animals like this especially in twilight time you have to be careful. It's a timid animal, but not timid enough if he has to eat," said Dan Schwarzbeck, wildlife management expert.