Baby giggles after seeing mom clearly for 1st time with new glasses

A sweet video of a baby getting tot-sized glasses has captured the hearts of hundreds of thousands online.

Christine Rosenhj shared a video on Feb. 13 of her son, Emil, receiving the pair of tiny glasses to help him see clearly for the first time.

The adorable video shows baby Emil sitting in his car seat when his mother puts the glasses on his face. Emil's reaction is priceless. He blinks and looks around before letting out a little giggle when the world eventually comes into focus for him.

"Today is a great day. Emil got his glasses. The journey has been long and our little baby has really been through a lot to sit here and smile with his little glasses," Rosenhj wrote.

As of Monday morning, Emil's wide-eyed gaze and beautiful smile as he finally got to see his mom and dad properly has been shared more than 3,300 times with more than 710,000 video views on Facebook and 21,000 views on Instagram.

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