How to get the best 'back-to-school' shopping deals

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Wednesday, August 25, 2021
7 On Your Side's back to school savings tips
7 On Your Side's Nina Pineda has shopping tips to help save you money while back to school shopping.

NEW YORK (WABC) -- This year's back-to-school crush will be like none other. For one, the National Retail Federation says the price tag for school and college supplies will be the highest in history.

The mercury may be pushing 90, but the back-to-school shopping season has just begun.

Swagbucks estimate families will spend nearly $700 on supplies with nearly $400 on clothes.

People also spend more than $100 on backpacks and other supplies.

MasterCard says online back-to-school spending will go up more than 50% from last year.

Back to school savings starts at home. Before you buy, look for leftover school supplies. Look for that backpack that didn't get used much last year or half-used notebooks.

Instead of buying, swap. Use websites like Swoondle Society. They supply a reusable bag with a pre-paid shipping label that you can fill up with your hand-me-downs and then trade them for clothing items in your kid's size.

Here you can buy shoes, a shirt, and jeans, clothe your big boy head to toe for $18.

Also, check out local Facebook Buy Nothing groups for gently used sporting goods and backpacks for free.

Don't' forget about used or refurbished computers. Sites like sell a refurbished Chromebook for as little as $60.

Even Apple has its own store selling refurbished products. An iPhone XS could be found discounted to $260.

Some big takeaways:

Try to match coupons with sales and check out sites like to get the best back-to-school sale coupons.

Check out resale and discount fashion sites, like Marshalls and TJ Maxx, to snag deals on designer discounts.

If you can, wait it out until Labor Day, which will bring clearance sales on summer clothing.

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