Billy Crystal, John Goodman return as Mike and Sully for 'Monsters at Work'

Two decades after "Monsters, Inc." was released, Disney+ is reviving the iconic franchise with a new series.

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Thursday, July 1, 2021
Crystal, Goodman return as Mike and Sully for 'Monsters at Work'
Billy Crystal and John Goodman talk about reprising their iconic characters for the new Disney+ series, "Monsters at Work."

The "Monsters, Inc." world is expanding and Billy Crystal and John Goodman are along for the ride once again. The actors are reprising their iconic characters, Mike and Sully, in the new Disney+ series "Monsters at Work."

The original movie premiered 20 years ago and was followed by a prequel, "Monsters University," in 2013. Now, the 10-episode Disney+ series is turning the tables on the franchise...and turning frowns upside down.

The monsters used to get their energy from children's screams. Now it's about making them laugh instead, with Mike and Sully in charge.

"The story continues and [there are] great new characters. [It's] really funny and brilliantly animated," Crystal said. "I was really shocked, in the best way, when I saw the level of animation for the series. It's fantastic."

Goodman put it this way: "It's so damn good. You get comfortable in it and you forget how painstaking and specific that they are and it's delightful."

"It's like putting on a favorite old jacket or piece of clothing. It just fits so well and it's the tailoring that makes all the difference and [the fact that] Pixar is the tailor, that's just great," Goodman added.

Audiences have a long history with Mike, Sully and the other animated monsters, which is something Crystal finds "joyous."

"Kids who were five when the movie came out now have families of their own and now they're showing them 'Monsters, Inc.' and now they'll be able to sit and watch these 10 episodes together on Disney+," Crystal said.

"Monsters at Work" will introduce audiences to new characters voiced by Mindy Kaling, Ben Feldman and Henry Winkler, among others.

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When it comes to Mike and Sully, Crystal said, "The same love affair that they have, that same friendship that they have, is all over the series. It's really wonderful."

"Monsters at Work" begins streaming Wednesday, July 7 on Disney+.

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