Chinatown restaurant owner helps feed the elderly in his community

CHICAGO -- A Chinatown restaurant owner starts off his week with giving back to the elderly in his community.

Jackson Chiu, owner of 312 Fish Market, has been feeding about 10 elderly folks in the Chinatown community for over three months.

"Every Monday, we feed two senior buildings in Chinatown. We're not strange faces, we're regular faces, and when they see us, they'reso happy," Chiu said.

Chiu said he makes sure the elderly community eats well. Some of the dishes he has cooked up are unagi don tamago and California rolls. All expenses are paid out of his own pocket.

Chiu Quon Bakery and 88 Market Place have joined the restaurant owner in his efforts. They are offering buns and fruits and vegetables.

The Chicago Police Department has also been lending a helping hand in Chiu's efforts.

Chiu said his acts of kindness is not only done to bring his community together, but its also a form of saying thank you to the elders who helped build his community.

"By us giving back, we're trying to work together. As a small community like Chinatown, we have to work together in order to stay stronger," Chiu said.