Listen as Chris Farley voices 'Shrek' in lost recording

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Thursday, August 6, 2015
Rare audio of Chris Farley voicing the titular green ogre in "Shrek" has emerged.
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Chris Farley was originally cast to voice the titular green ogre in Shrek before the actor's untimely death in 1997. Now, seemingly lost audio of Farley voicing Shrek has reemerged, and its pretty incredible.

In the clip above, Farley lends his voice to Shrek during a conversation with Eddie Murphy's Donkey, played out in storyboard sequences on screen. Listening to Farley as Shrek is an interesting experience, as audiences are much more familiar with Mike Myers's iconic take as the green ogre. But Farley still lands Shrek's foul-mouthed behavior perfectly, showing that he would have been more than a suitable fit to fill the ogre's big shoes.

Farley had actually completed 80-90 percent of the dialogue for the film before his death. Myers was cast in his stead, resulting in the 2001 blockbuster film that audiences cherish today.