Long Island's Bagel Boss is shipping famous New York bagels across the country

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Wednesday, May 20, 2020
Bagel Boss ships famous New York bagels across the country
Long Island's Bagel Boss is spreading its dough across the country by mailing bagels to hungry customers from coast to coast. They are hoping their bagel subscription box brings happiness to everyone during this difficult time.

HEMPSTEAD, New York -- Long Island's Bagel Boss is a staple breakfast spot in the community, that is run by sixth-generation bagel bakers.

Since the coronavirus pandemic, General Manager Alex Rosner has decided to bring bagels into the homes of everyone across the country by launching an online ordering platform.

Once baked, the bagels are cooled, packed, and shipped that same morning.

"If you are from Long Island you know that the bagels just aren't the same anywhere else," said Rosner. "Eating a fresh bagel any place from Long Island, specifically Bagel Boss brings a smile to your face doesn't matter where you are in the country and right now everyone can use a smile."

On the website BagelsOfTheMonth.com you can sign up and select from a variety of flavors from 'Everything' to 'Rainbow'.

"As long as we're open and following whatever guidelines or helping out the community that's the best way to stay positive," said Rosner. "Just like breakfast with some bagels and coffee, I know might sound simple to most people, but it does bring joy to a lot of people and that is what we strive to do."

On the home front, Rosner has fortunately kept all of his staff and managed to implement measures where customers can receive their orders while maintaining social distance.

"We pride ourselves on being able to give back to the community," said Rosner. "One way to do that is just by always be opening and having a place to be able to get food and supplies."


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