Up Close: Why Bill Ritter is working from home

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Sunday, March 29, 2020
UpClose: Medical Correspondent Dr. Jennifer Ashton offers medical advise
Bill Ritter speaks with Medical Correspondent Dr. Jen Ashtion on the COVID-19 pandemic.

NEW YORK CITY (WABC) -- A note from Bill Ritter:

On Up Close on Sunday, I explained for the first time why I was off the air since Tuesday night. And why I was staying home.

My doctor determined I had a mild case of #CoVid19 - groggy, head cloudy, scratchy throat. But no fever and no piercing headaches.

I was told to stay home, isolated and quarantined. I had taken extreme precautions at work. Didn't mingle with co-workers. Went from home to my locker (no one there) to the studio and reversed and repeated that for 10 days.

How I got this virus? a doorknob? some germs in the air on the streets of NYC? I just don't know. Just like scores of thousands of others don't know.

I know of no exposure to a known positive-testing #coronavirus patient. And we have found no one who was exposed to me.

In fact in a kind of medical detective exercise - I felt sure I was not close enough to anyone for long enough to post a risk I was semi-isolated at work.

I'm feeling better, but I am taking my temperature and washing my hands and drinking lots of water (I always did that) and watching in awe as my friends and co-workers continue to bring you the news and facts and truth about this virus -- and help everyone get through this together.

As you can see by Up Close this morning (the first segment is above) ... I am still working and plan to be on the air if possible - from home. I'm also hoping to get back to work - with an immunization from this exposure - as soon as I can. But not before I can. I owe that to my family, my friends and co-workers, and you. A doctor will make that determination.

In the meantime - I'm taking my temp several times a day, checking my oxygenation levels in my blood twice a day (yes, there's an app for that!), and sleeping.

We are indeed in this together. I am moved to tears by the 7 pm daily spontaneous eruptions of applause and cheers and whistles and shouting out the apartment building windows - in appreciation of the first responder medical people who are helping those who are sick at home and in the hospitals.

I think it's also to acknowledge the collective situation we are all in.

We will get through this.

Much love, peace and health.



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