Coronavirus News: Socially distant soccer practice offers connection for city kids

NEW YORK (WABC) -- It isn't just big-league sports that are on hold, it's all sports.

For city kids, with no backyard, it can be a challenge to let out energy in a productive way.

Dribble one too many times and the neighbors are sure to complain.

"Our biggest thing is getting the players, regardless of skill level or age moving," said Adam Norse, Downtown United Soccer Club.

Since his 4,000 Downtown United Soccer Club players can't play organized sports, Norse is keeping them motivated with Instagram drills and live Zoom sessions.

Alexa Rotman, 10, looks forward to training with her team.

"It's like more technical skills and drills so it gets you sweating more," Alexa said. "We use cones and sometimes Bob takes them and I have to run after him. (And Bob is the dog?) Yeah."

For very young players, Super Soccer Stars is also offering live Zoom classes for $50 a month.

For the young athlete looking for more fine-tuning, there's the app Famer which offers coaching from afar. It's a concept that began well before social distancing.

Famer allows coaches and their athletes to exchange videos and critiques.

"We're offering the program for free for great organizations and coaches because we want them to keep that mentorship communication while kids are stuck at home looking for something to do," said Rich Abend, Famer.

Perhaps just suiting up to run mini drills at home and hone technique can help.

"The biggest thing for us is connection so players don't feel isolated, they feel part of the club and they can get through this together," Norse said.

"When this is all over what's the one thing you want to do when it comes to soccer?" Eyewitness News asked.

"Play in a game," Alexa said.

Team spirit for the win!



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