Huge glue ball removed from dog's stomach

OKLAHOMA CITY, Okla. -- An Oklahoma dog got into a sticky situation that nearly killed her.

Sadie's owners knew something was wrong when she wasn't eating or drinking and then started vomiting. They took her to Dr. Carey Bachman at the Animal Emergency and Surgery Center Oklahoma City. Bachman said she's seen it all.

"Usually when we go into the stomach to get foreign bodies, we're looking at balls or socks," Bachman said. "You name it. We've pulled out chargers."

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Sadie accidentally got into the glue after opening a cabinet. Bachman said Sadie's case was a little extra challenging and ultimately required a 30 minute surgery.

"We had to make a really large incision to get it out," Bachman said.

The glue ball took the shape of the small pup's entire stomach.

"So this shows the anatomy of the stomach really well," Bachman said of the glue ball, which is lighter than it looks. "Your esophagus comes down right here and attaches to the stomach."

As for Sadie, she's doing fine now - but could have died if her owner waited long enough.

"Sadie got really lucky in that this glue adhered to itself," Bachman said.
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