Video shows man's tearful reunion with dog who saved his life during stroke

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Wednesday, February 10, 2021
Man saved by rescue dog leaves rehab, reunites with hero pooch
Michelle Charlesworth has more on the owner of a heroic German shepherd who was released from a New Jersey rehab facility Tuesday.

SADDLE BROOK, New Jersey (WABC) -- The owner of a heroic German shepherd who saved his life in New Jersey was released from a rehab facility Tuesday, this as the shelter from which Sadie was adopted is looking to raise money for the family.

Brian Myers, 59, left the Kessler Institute for Rehabilitation in Saddle Brook to a clap-out from doctors and workers, before he was reunited with the hero pooch.

"I'm leaving a very happy man and very satisfied with my progress," Myers said. "And I want to thank everyone who has helped me throughout this ordeal."

Sadie excitedly leaped on her owner, licking his face to the point where his mask fell of his face.

WATCH | Brian and Sadie reunited at last:

Brian Myers left the Kessler Institute for Rehabilitation to a clap-out from doctors and workers, before he was reunited with the hero pooch

"I'm very excited to see Sadie again," he said. "Thank you to everyone, from the bottom of my heart. This place has been wonderful to me."

Myers suffered a stroke on January 16 and collapsed on his bedroom floor, which is when Sadie jumped into action -- the rescued becoming the rescuer.

She immediately jumped off the bed, laid down next to him, and wouldn't leave him alone as she licked his face.

"I thought maybe I could use her as a counterweight to get myself up off the floor, and I grabbed her collar to try to do so," he told Eyewitness News. "She somehow instinctively knew to help me by pulling her body weight and pulling me enough to give me the momentum to get myself out of the corner that I was stuck in."

Sadie got him down his steps to his cousin, who was able to get him medical attention.

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Myers adopted Sadie back in October and was warned she had issues after she was surrendered by her former owner.

"Though her bio noted that she was especially nervous with men, Brian felt a special bond with Sadie, as he valued her intelligence, hesitancy to trust and fierce loyalty once she did form that trust. Brian gave Sadie a second chance at life, adopting Sadie and welcoming her home," Ramapo-Bergen Animal Refuge said. "This time, Sadie gave Brian a second chance at life."

Now, the shelter is looking to pay it forward to support Sadie and Myers through donations towards Sadie's future medical needs, as Myers' biggest concern is being able to care for her moving forward.

Ramapo-Bergen Animal Refuge is now collecting donations, which can be made by CLICKING HERE.

Sadie will also be honored with a Heroic Dog Award from PETA.

"Sadie's intelligence and tenacity saved Brian's life," PETA Vice President Colleen O'Brien said. "Her heroism reminds us that many loving, dedicated dogs are waiting in shelters for a family to join, and PETA encourages anyone with the ability and resources to care for an animal to adopt one from a local shelter."

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