Soho Cigar Bar is the oldest cigar bar in NYC and has the only cigar sommelier in New York

SOHO (WABC) -- Soho Cigar Bar is one of New York's oldest cigar bars and lounges.

The renovated space is reminiscent of a 1920s speakeasy with plush leather furnishings and an art deco inspired interior, all creating a warm and welcoming environment.

"The whole idea was to make whiskeys and cigars approachable," says Lee Ringelheim, owner of Soho Cigar Bar, "because through that learning process that I had to learn about cigars, I wanted to be able to give that experience to the customer."

The vintage décor includes modern touches as well; a high-tech ventilation system and flat-screen TVs hidden behind timeless photography.

The general manager, Michael Dounoulis, is New York's first certified cigar Sommelier tobacconist.

"When I got into this industry, I wanted the credentials to match the history and the elegance as this place," says Dounoulis.

Coming into Soho Cigar Bar is like stepping back in time, all the while enjoying a true New York City experience where you can enjoy the finest cigars, cocktails, and food.

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