Sandy Kenyon reviews 'Central Intelligence'

NEW YORK (WABC) -- Summer doesn't begin until next week, but the season starts before Memorial Day for Hollywood. And if you're already bored and tired of the blockbusters this year, the comedies aren't much better.

"Central Intelligence" could be a lot smarter, and given the talents of those involved, it should have been a whole lot funnier.

Kevin Hart's character, Calvin, was voted most likely to succeed in high school, and he has since married the homecoming queen. Fast forward years later, and she's the best thing about his life as an accountant. Back then, Calvin was the only guy who was nice to the chubby kid, Robbie, who was mercilessly bullied. However, Robbie grew up to be strong and fit, played by Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson.

The two get together just before a high school reunion, and Johnson's character now works for the Central Intelligence Agency. Get it? So that explains the comedy's not-so-clever title and hints at what's soon very apparent, and what's supposed to be a funny film is also very violent.

The plot's twists and turns would be worthy of a thriller if the gaps had been filled in and lapses of logic had been explained better. Those in charge decided to film a script that was nowhere near ready, but if the filmmakers were lazy, the same cannot be said for the stars.

Putting these two mismatched stars together was a great idea, weak as the script may be, and Johnson and Hart are so entertaining that it's almost worth seeing the movie.

You could do worse than watch "Central Intelligence," however, you may just want to wait to see it at home later for something less than the high cost of a movie ticket.

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