Sandy Kenyon reviews 'Jumanji'

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Watch entertainment reporter Sandy Kenyon's review of 'Jumanji'

"Jumanji" is inspired by the hit movie from 1995 that starred the late Robin Williams, and the premise remains interesting.

Originally, Jumanji was a board game. Now, it's an old video game. Advances in special effects since the original make the action more believable, and a great cast really sells the concept.

The action starts at school, where fiddling around in detention leads a nerd to show up in the jungle of Jumanji as Duane "The Rock" Johnson. A football player known as "The Fridge" loses some height to become Kevin Hart, while a shy girl becomes an alpha female who exclaims, "Oh my God, we're in different people's bodies!"

Finally, a female selfie queen lands as Jack Black.

The avatars must play the game to get out of it, and under the rules, each has three lives. All of it gets a bit tiresome, and I agree with some critics who complained that some of this was just silly. But one called "Jumanji" trash, and that's too harsh.

I laughed more often than usual, and it's the kind of attraction a family can enjoy together. And really, isn't that what going to the movies during the holiday season should be all about?
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