100 million Americans will live in more extreme heat by 2050, study finds

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Tuesday, August 16, 2022
What is an extreme heat belt? Jeff Smith explains
Eyewitness News meteorologist Jeff Smith explains what an 'extreme heat belt' is and what a new study is saying about the trend.

More than 100 million Americans will be living in hotter areas by mid-century, a new study found.

The climate research non-profit known as First Street Foundation, says worsening extreme heat and humidity from climate change will bring extremely dangerous heat indices to much of the country in the next 30 years.

They say the intensity and frequency of the hottest days of the year will also increase.

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That includes a so-called "extreme heat belt," that would stretch from Texas to the Great Lakes.

First Street found more than 100 million Americans in that area will experience temperatures above 125 degrees during their hottest stretches of the year.

Eyewitness News meteorologist Jeff Smith explains more about the study and the extreme heat belt in the video above.


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