What to do if you need to dispute a big EZ Pass bill

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Tuesday, February 16, 2021
7 On Your Side: How to dispute a big EZ Pass bill
Many viewers say they have wrongly racked up thousands in EZ Pass violations and 7 On Your Side has tips to dispute the bill.

NEW YORK (WABC) -- Anyone who drives in the area knows all about the electronic toll or the EZ Pass system. But in the Tri-State, the fines have been very high and the complaints are not stopping.

7 On Your Side's Nina Pineda has best ways to dispute a big EZ Pass bill.

It's one of the most consistent consumer issues we see: a constant stream of complaints from drivers and some say they have wrongly racked up thousands in EZ Pass violations.

But the good news is sometimes there are ways to dispute and win.

The numbers are mind-boggling. One driver racked up $14,000 in EZ Pass fines. Each toll tacked on $50 or even $100 per fine.

There's even one example of a bill of $29,000 -- most of it is frustrating fines.

But what if you're like Richard from Bergen County who says he got "billed for tolls before he purchased his car."

Or Randy from Connecticut who has a "valid EZ Pass account -- but is getting violations."

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Their first step should be to make copies of all violations. Then write a formal letter back to EZ Pass explaining the problem.

And then include some proof. For instance, if the violation shows the wrong car or license plate, send back a picture showing the correct plate.

You can dispute these online or through the mail.

But if you do it through the mail, send it back as trackable mail so you can prove EZ Pass received it.


-Ask for a new EZ Pass tag if it's three years or more. Older tags' batteries can wear out. When that happens, they don't register when you go through a toll.

-Keep track of expiring credit cards. If you have one on file and it expires, your account will run out of money and you'll start getting fines.

-Don't ignore violations or collection notices. If you don't dispute or pay these fines, they can revoke your car's registration.

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